Thursday, May 07, 2020

Review: The Hunter

The Hunter The Hunter by L.J. Shen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

Move over Vicious & Co. ... there's a new generation that has taken over - and they do NOT disappoint!

If books like these are why I BEGAN reading, L.J. Shen is why I’m STILL reading. Her brand of storytelling - bold, unapologetic characters, riveting storylines, sexy and dirty times (grab the fans girls!), and it all culminates to hit you right in the feels? That’s a writer I want to read more and more from. She never fails/gets dull with her stories and the characters are vivid and bold - as if they are someone you know of/could know of from your real life. Simply put - in my honest opinion, she’s the BEST of the BEST.

Now, Hunter may have owned my heart from his first spoken, coherent sentence, but Sailor is the one who owns me - body and soul. I loved her spunk, her passion, her commitment, her drive, and above all else, her loyalty. There were so many layers to each of these characters; I enjoyed as each layer  was peeled back, revealing their core essence, allowing their truer selves emerged.

This book literally hit my kindle at the moment I needed it to - I needed an escape and I needed the distraction it offered. It did not fail to keep me within its clutches either. That’s how L.J. Shen writes - and that’s why I keep coming back for more. To say this book is amongst my favorites of hers is not a lie or exaggeration. I read this book - in record time for me - as I could not put it down

This is another amazing story and example of Ms. Shen at what she does best!!!
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Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Why I Will Not Be Promoting Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer ... EVER.

So, Stephenie Meyer is finally releasing Midnight Sun (Edward's Perspective) on August 4th. The ENTIRE internet/Social Media platforms were aghast in crying and celebrating .. but I was just ... NOT. I'm not excited and/or looking forward to this book. At all.

I would have preferred to see an expansion book ... a continuation of the series but focusing more on the complexities of Jacob & Reneesme’s burgeoning relationship and how that could ever work - a werewolf & a vampire together? Come on - doesn't that just scream "Huh? What now? HOW WOULD THAT WORK?".

That would have been a much more interesting read for me. If she wrote about Jacob and Reneesme, she could have explore the wolves more because HELLO? WEREWOLVES?! We already KNOW about the vampires (how many movies have been done about Vampires?), but we only ever got crumbs about the wolves and those were stories/legends passed down thru generations - stuff gets left out people!

And lets not forget poor Leah. Her character development could have been explored more and we could see if she ever did imprint on anyone. I don’t like how Stephenie left her hanging onto a man she could never have. Leah was too strong willed for that - but Stephenie introduced that damned imprinting and then it went no where!!! Ugh! I was utterly disappointed with that.

To me, this would have been a much better storyline to pursue than Edward’s perspective of life before and during Bella. Now, before you start handing out the torches, I’m not disrespecting Stephenie Meyer - sorry if its coming across that way - but revisiting Twilight? After nearly 10 years? Sorry, but No.

I came, I read, I saw, I’m done. I feel the same about the Fifty Shades series. I’m so over that as well. It still weirds me out that Christian Grey is basically Edward Cullen. *shivers* However, it does explain why I dislike both characters to the core as well as Bella Swan/Ana Steele. I just ... can’t!

I will ALWAYS be grateful to Stephenie for reawakening my love of reading (I had previously been in a nearly 6 year slump of not reading anything worth while) but as far as this series goes? Either expand on it or leave it alone. Don’t look back to the beginning - we ALL know how it went down - and reading it from Edward's perspective wouldn't give me anymore insight than I already have of him, that relationship or make me like either of them more.

I want something new, fresh and exciting to sink my teeth into. Otherwise, thanks but no thanks. Been there, done that!

But, whatever - moot point now ...

Sunday, May 03, 2020

Review: Black Tangled Heart

Black Tangled Heart Black Tangled Heart by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

I both loved and hated at times the characters in the this book at times - yes, even including the Hero & Heroine (Jane & Jamie). So consumed they were in each other, they were oblivious others around them, especially Skye and Lorna. By no means I am saying that Lorna was a saint - I know this, and she proved this time and time again - but I too felt her pain and acknowledge it. I even empathized with it. I just wish that the other people in her life instead of just talking a behind her back about her, actually got her the help she desperately needed - because it was obvious to me that she was in pain and had been for a while.

The human desire for retribution and justice - for being wronged in life is an inane part of humanity and our complexities - and perhaps the darkest. It leads us down roads to decisions that make us shadows of our former selves, never truly whole again. You can help guide some people on the way - like Jane tried to do for Jamie - but for others like Lorna, they are forever lost to that pain that first defined them.

Life is shaped by choices - and tragedy can help guide the choices we make in the wake of the them. Such is the case in Samantha Young’s latest book, Black Tangled Heart. This book broke my heart with all the bad decisions made by everyone in the wake of several tragedies that have fallen two families. So much pain, so much loss. No one was a winner in the end. And sometimes the losses suffered in the end are the most unfathomable ... and unforgivable of all.
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