Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review - Play My Game

Play My Game (Stark Trilogy, #3.7)Play My Game by J. Kenner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 STARS

Nikki & Damien are back... from the land of Honeymoons, where they were in the bubble of love. Of course, that all had to end when they get back to the land of Reality, right? Unfortunately, all too right! But they did manage to squeeze in some sexy time & scavenger games for their first Valentine's day together and men take note: Damien out does himself!

Blackmail, extortion, sex, lies, videotape? Just another day in the life of being Mrs. Damien Stark. Poor Nikki. No one was left untouched. Almost makes you want to question why this? And why now?

I thoroughly enjoyed how the story played out. Of course I have TONS of questions, since the novella was left in a cliffhanger of sorts - but I know the author is building up on two key mementos - 1) the introduction of Jackson Steele for her Stark International series & 2) just who is playing this latest round of messing with Nikki & Damien's HEA.

One thing for sure is, who ever it is - will wish he/she hadn't, cause Damien will do anything to protect his wife & loved ones... ANYTHING!

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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Review - Hero

HeroHero by Samantha Young

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have so many thoughts swirling in my head right now... I'm gonna have to come back later & leave a more cohesive and thought out synopsis/review.

Okay... I've had some time to think of what I wanted to say...

I did NOT like Caine. At all. I understood that Alexa's family had brought his nothing but pain suffering, but I guess the saying is true - you punish those who appear weaker than yourself. And for Caine that person was Alexa. And I did NOT like that at all. Factor the fact that he disrespected her at every turn and I just wanted to stop reading. But I trudged on, and then it started to happen.

Caine turned me around to his side. How? The longer he was around Alexa, the more his vulnerability, his standoffish-ness seemed to crack. He started to, albeit unwillingly & slowly, to let her in. She made him seem human and not just the jackass he presented for the first moment he came across the page.

From beginning to end I fluctuated between anger & indignation on Alexa's behalf - wanting her to just give up and walk away from the ass! But she didn't. And then I turned my anger & frustration on her. But then she said something that clicked with me - everyone leaves her behind in the end. And like that - BAM! My heart ached for her.

Cause I always felt that way myself. Then, it turned back to anger at Caine over his treatment of her. Never has a book made me question my SANITY in reading it to the end with all these emotions playing out of me. To me, that's the sign of a great writer - to make you FEEL all these emotions and still have enjoyed reading their work.

I highly recommend this book - you will NOT be disappointed!

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