I'm on Vacation! But ...

So today is my 46th birthday and I started my vacation - officially.  I still can't believe it.  Makes me mindful of ALL that has happened recently and take stock of "life as we now know it."  A list I made way back when hit the BIG 4-0 popped up on my FB memories.  I didn't write it hear on the blog, because well, I was just starting this blog and was still trying to find my voice.  I've back posted it here, so if  you'd like to check it - go here.  

In other news,  meant to post this earlier today, but with birthday messages and just taking a much needed BREATHE away from the internet, I forgot.  I know I posted earlier about me taking a break, but I don't think I was clear on what that would entail/look like.  In any case, here's what going to be happening on the blog for the next few weeks until September:

1.  All previous book agreements will be honored (i.e. ARC's read, reviewed, and posted on scheduled dates).

2. NO new requests will be accepted at this time - I need a break and get to my list of books that I want to read before the Summer is officially over.  

3. I will not be posting/visiting/commenting on any SOCIAL MEDIA platform, with the exception of those ARC commitments I made.

4. If you need to reach me, contact me at ellie@ellieisuhmabookworm .  I will be checking my email.

5.  See you in (the later part of) September!