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Who Is Ellie?

Ellie discovered her love for BOOKS while she was still in grade school - by sneaking that forbidden Harlequin Romance novel of her aunt's - which brought out her love for ALL the possible/impossible things about the many Trials of Love.  However, it was as a senior in high school, when a trip to the library for research on a term paper brought her (mistakenly) to the literature section, that her unquenchable thrust for ALL things Romance took on a life of it's own. While there, two books - Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux - grabbed her attention.  Needless to say the term paper took a back seat...

Since then, Ellie has been reading non-stop - whenever and wherever she is (job be damned! lol). She is a just an average 40-something yr old female with lots of a time on her hands, when her puppy lets her rest that is.  Ellie is unmarried with no children.

With the introduction of e-books, Ellie has sadly abandoned her love of libraries (she has not physically stepped inside one for 5+ years, she knows - she's in shock as well!), but vows to go (one day) in the near future & start visiting again regularly!  She swears - It's on the Bucket List!

Ellie enjoys hearing from her fellow book lovers, whether its a book recommendation, an opinion on a book genre/theme, or just a debate/discussion about a book's outcome. She's open to receiving email correspondence and will answer any/all questions.

If you'd like to reach out to Ellie for a book recommendation, to get feedback regarding a particular book review, or to just shoot the breeze, please contact her at ellie@ellieisuhmabookworm.com.

edited to add: Ellie finally got her library card! Sadly, it was just before the Pandemic of 2020 broke out and well, yup. No library visiting has been happening. Maybe one day soon ...