About Me

Who Is Ellie?

Ellie discovered her love for BOOKS while she was still in grade school - by sneaking that Harlequin Romance novel of her aunt's - which brought our her love for the possible/impossible things about the many Trials of Love.  However, it was as a senior in high school, when a trip to the library for research on a term paper brought her (mistakenly) to the literature section, that her unquenchable thrust for ALL things Romance took on a life of it's own. While there, two books - Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux - grabbed her attention.  Needless to say the term paper took a back seat...

Since then, Ellie has been reading non-stop - whenever and wherever she is (job be damned! lol). She is a just an average 40-something yr old female with lots of a time on her hands, when her puppy lets her rest that is.  Ellie is unmarried with no children.

With the introduction of e-books, Ellie has sadly abandoned her love of libraries (she has not physically stepped inside one for 5+ years, she knows - she's in shock as well!), but vows to go (one day) in the near future & start visiting again regularly!  She swears - It's on the Bucket List!

Ellie enjoys hearing from her fellow book lovers, whether its a book recommendation, an opinion on a book genre/theme, or just a debate/discussion about a book's outcome. She's open to receiving email correspondence and will answer any/all questions.

If you'd like to reach out to Ellie for a book recommendation, to get feedback regarding a particular book review, or to just shoot the breeze, please contact her at ellie@ellieisuhmabookworm.com.