Summer Reading - 2 Books Down and 1 Added

Ok.  I've crossed off two (2) books from my list.  But, not realizing that I signed up for 2 ARCs this summer, I've had to add one.

That brings my total to 16 books I will attempt (and I say attempt because one the books I just read, took me a while to get thru because I was caught up in the feels).  Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that.  It was darn near emotionally draining.  Please lord, don't let the other's follow suit!

I'm not going to post the graphics for ALL the books I've decided to read, if you want to know which one's I choose, go to this post ---> Summer Reading 2021 (I've also added the new book graphic as well).

As promised, please below the books I've read thus far.  Below each book graphic is the link to my review for it.  

Oh my fellow bookworms, I'm so happy that nothing is on TV and I can devote my time to reading.  I have missed it.  And I finally found my reading groove again.  

Until next time,



Summer Read


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