Review: Something in the Way

Something in the Way Something in the Way by Jessica Hawkins
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Final Score - 4 What Just Happened Stars!

I can’t believe what I just read. I’m shook! That slow burn hooked me - for it to end up fizzled and burned out?!

I need some with this one before I can write about this one.

Review to come …

Alright - I'm still not OK with what happened in this book.  That slow burn was working it's way towards something and BAM!  That ending?!  OMG, my heart hurts ya'll.  And now I have to wait until I finish the rest of the books on my list in order to finish reading the series - cause that is definitely going to happen!  I need answers.  Why it went down the way it did?  What was Manning's reasoning?  What have Lake and Tiffany been up to?

Just ... WHY?!  

Brb *crying*

Book 2 of 16 of Summer Reads 2021 is complete.

(edited to add in 7/8/2021)

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