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Social Media - The Death of Free Thought & Expression

I have all sorts of social media platforms I'm active on, however, there are a few I've strayed away from due to lack of time and just because I forgot I had opened them.  There were times I had scheduled SM breaks due to the influx of so many different advertisments and general daily posting by those people actively trying to build up their following and/or brand.  I'm just not one of those people. 

I have a smal following, and I like it just fine thank you.  Maybe these people are loyal followers and want to hear from me or maybe they followed me at one point and just forgot that they did. I'm sure they will eventually remember and un-follow me to make room for the latest fad and that's their perogative. Again, just not me and how I operate.

Then there are those you find (because your following the same topic) who you say to yourself "This person sound interesting, let me get to know them better".  Word of caution from someone who's been there/done that: DON'T

Case in point ...

I'd recently started "tweeing" again on Twitter, or as it's now called X, and lets just say - the farm has been taken over by the animals. Case in point, I've been following the #GH tag regarding ALL things related to my beloved soap General Hospital.  Their current storylines are centered around one particular Port Charles character/family and the masses have had it.  I can't exactly blame them - this person/family really doesn't need ALL the air time devoted to them.  There are other talented actors on the show, other families that should have their stories told - not just have it included with the centered family favorite because of long standing friendships, marriages, and/or children who are connected to each other.

As a rule, I don't like any one character more than the other.  If I have a thought on a character who's the town favorite I'm allowed to expresss it - good or bad. And there are quite a few characters I can't stand at the moment (ex. Sonny, Carly, Ava, Sam, Elizabeth, Laura, TJ, Kristina, etc.) I could go on. Some of these characters should have said bye-bye a long ass time ago (ex. Ava, Sam, Sonny, Elizabeth, Laura). And I don't care if you agree or not. I said what I said. I can't count the number of times I've expressed my thoughts on something and then been dragged/ridiculed because it was seen as an attack on their fan favorite, I expressed concern for what I thought was a like minded thought, or just simply someone was bored and just wanted to started something. 

I calll these degenerates "SOAP BOX PEOPLE" - standing on their platform (online and under the cover of some anonymity) - just to spread noise to the masses (think throughing feces in the air to see where it lands).  Sure, some of them have a loyal and blind following (think wolves in sheeps clothing) and then there are those who just spout shit to get reactions and start wars/battles on the internet.  I'M SO NOT HERE FOR THIS BS.

Not everyone is going to agree on your thoughts and feelings - and they are within their rights to feel the way they do. You can't tell a person how to think, act, or feel.  You can point out their out-dated/out of fashion ideals, but its not going to change anything.  The only thing you can do is control how you react to it. My reaction has been to abandon dicussing this soap on X.  

As it is, I rarely watch GH anymore but if I do, I won't post about it any longer on that platform for the masses to rip and/or tear into. X is not the platform to find anyone like minded or willing to hear a person's honest thoughts/opinions about anything. It's where, sadly, free thought and expression has gone to die.

I haven't closed my account, but I will be posting less frequently there.  I'll save my thoughts for my blog. If you'd like to follow me at my other SM sites, click on "Newsletter" portion on my main blog page or at any of the following:

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