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Plagiarized Book Reviews - THIS IS SERIOUSLY A THING?

I've been mulling over this topic since it was first brought to my attention several weeks back.  

As we all know, plagiarizing books has been happening for quite some time now in the book world, and every time I hear of it - I cringe. Are you just a lazy author who has a serious case of writers block? Or are you just in it for monetary gain? Social Media follows?  Seriously, I want to know - What is your end game/goal?

Now I've recently discovered from one of my book friends that plagiarizing book reviews - YOU heard me correctly - is now a trend happening in the book world.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!  Where does it ALL end?  This one takes the cake and sadly, it just makes me sad that this is what people have come to - taking credit for other peoples thoughts & feelings.  It's just WRONG!

What is so difficult about picking up a book and giving your honest thoughts on it afterward?  Granted, it takes me a while to formulate my thoughts so I may sit on it for a while. I may even go so far as to re-read some parts that I found a bit troubling - it doens't happen that often - or left me with questions.  In any case, my reviews are my own.  MY OWN THOUGHTS/FEELINGS about how the book made me as a reader feel.  I'll question some parts I found confusing. I'll point out characters that I didn't like or loved. What I don't do is read another person's review and steal their words and use them as my OWN VOICE.

I've taken a break from going to book conventions and/or events because honestly, I'm just uncomfortable minglingly with people who show you one face in person and then on-line they show another.  I want authentic people in my life. I have no time/room for fakes. And if you're plagiarizing a book or a review, you are the FAKEST person out here.  I just don't get why you ever would.

I do read other people's reviews, to get a concenous if they feel the same way I do about a book.  Sometimes I'll find a review that mirrors mine in thoughts, but often times, people point out other things I completely forgot about.  Point is - I don't go changing or adding onto my view. Why?  Because it was some one else's thoughts. If I didn't care enought to point it out in my review - at the time, it wasn't important to me and didn't effect me the same way it did someone else.

Plainly speaking - HAVE ENOUGH COURAGE TO HAVE AND VOICE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS.  Have the courage to stand up for your beliefs, whatever they may be - and defend them cause at the end of the day, how you feel about something is how you feel. No one can tell you it's wrong. But if they do, have the strength of character and knowledge to back it up! NO one else is going to do it for you. Don't be a follower, be a leader.

Jesus take the wheel cause this book world is not the same post-pandemic.  And I just can't be around any of these events if this continues ...