Review: Skies Over Caledonia

Skies Over Caledonia Skies Over Caledonia by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!!!

Skies Over Caledonia is the 4th standalone and part of Samantha Young’s Highland series and this exudes that delicious slow burn intensity, tension and chemistry that Ms. Young is so infamos for. I was all IN from page 1. By Ch10, I had to scream it from the rooftops of social media (I posted everywhere I could!). This is a marriage of convenience ... but with a twist. Jared is farmer in the Highlands; Allegra is the daughter of Hollywood royalty, and her sister Aria was the heroine of Among the Heather (Book 2). Jared’s cousin Sarah is the heroine of Through the Glen (Book 3). This book brings all these connections together (even the Adairs get name dropped!) from the previous books in the series and you get a bit caught up on their live and were they are at years later.

The story starts with Allegra being served notice that she can't leave Scotland again or she won’t be able to get back in without a permanent visa. So she has a brilliant idea - a marriage of convenience with Jared! Jared agrees as he needs help with saving his farm as it's the only thing he grandfather left to him that means that much to him. The twist comes later on and boy did I not see that one coming and I usually pick on it from the get go. Good one Ms. Young for getting it by me.

Everytime I read a book by Samantha Young, I'm transported to the Scottish Highlands and I don't ever want to leave. Finishing this book was hard, as I didn't want to let Ally and Jared go. These two have touched me in a way her previous characters have, but have also left an imprint on me as well.

A must-read for all those who enjoy spending their late nights flipping the pages to read the next part. Sleep? What's sleep? You can catch up on that later! So worth it. Bonus was getting to hear the audiobook as well.  OMG, this will definitely be repeated and soon.

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