Review: Cold Hearted Casanova

Cold Hearted Casanova Cold Hearted Casanova by L.J. Shen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

This is the 3rd book in the Cruel Castaways series and I have to admit, my favorite of the 3. The book was a SLOW burn, and these usually tend to annoy me but the fact that the author took the time to develop the relationship between the characters and geninuely show how dislike/miscommunitcation turned to loved was well worth the wait & much appreciated.

Daphne or Duffy (as she's known to friends/family) and Riggs meet in the most unconventional way. What's a girl to do when the perfect opporuntity lands (literally) in eyesight after such a tragic day when everything was pitted against her (dumped commitment phobe boyfriend and running errands for the Boss from HELL). Well, we resort to BLACKMAIL (although, did Duffy instigate the blackmail or just run with it?). Marry her so that she could stay in the US without being deported back to the UK and her knowledge stays quiet. What happens afterward is a series of miscommunication, assumptions, hijinx and two people who couldn't be more different finding out they have common ground. And a serious case of "catching feelings".

I have to say that of the three friends, Riggs was the more intriguing and I desperately awaited his book. I mean, a billionaire who prefers to live like a nomad? Is there such a thing? And this book brought not only his story but him to life. I fell for Riggs, much the same way Poppin did. Head over ass. Duffy was the character I really had to dig into to understand her motivations. She went through a lot and put up with a lot. I was not completely with her or against her, I just needed to understand why. Riggs really brought out her geninue self, someone she hadn't been in such a long time and was finally happy to not only embrace but become again. That scene in the rain y'all, I swooned!

I can't say enough about this book. It will stay with me for a while.