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Out May 9 th 2024 in Kindle Unlimited
Tropes: Marriage of Convenience, small town, forced proximity, opposite sides of the
track, Scottish hero


He’s a down-to-earth highland farmer. She’s the rebellious daughter of Hollywood royalty.
They might seem like they’re from different worlds, but that won’t stop them from engaging in
a marriage of convenience…

It’s been five years since Jared McCulloch’s grandfather Collum passed away and he inherited his
farm in the Scottish Highlands. After his grandad saved him from his past life, Jared is determined
to honor Collum’s legacy. But not only has a series of bad luck put him in danger of losing the farm,
his estranged father is disputing the will. In a desperate situation, Jared realizes he’ll do just about 
anything to save the land.

Even marrying Allegra Howard, a woman he’s avoided at all costs.
A woman who tempts him beyond reason.

There’s only one place that makes Allegra Howard feel safe; one place that feeds her artist’s soul.
Allegra wants to settle down in Scotland and expand her business. But there’s a hitch: immigration
intends to return her to US soil.

Panicked, Allegra finds the one person just as desperate as she is. The same person she’s lusted
after for years. In exchange for marrying her, she’ll invest financially in Jared McCulloch’s farm.
However, living together only forces them to acknowledge their searing mutual attraction. And with it 
comes an undeniable emotional connection Jared’s not sure he’s ready for.

Yet, blurring the lines of their arrangement is the least of his concerns when someone begins
terrorizing the farm.

Allegra and Jared came together to save what matters most and now that might just be each other.
And unless they can figure out which of their pasts has returned to torment them, they could lose
their chance at a real future together...