Review: Once Upon An Algorithm

Once Upon An Algorithm Once Upon An Algorithm by Clara O’Connor
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Final Score- 2 Stars 

I originally stopped reading after 4 chapters because it was boring and nothing clicked for me. Not the characters, the settings, or the story.  But I HATE leaving anything undone.  I had unanswered questions (the main one being would she find love and how would it come about) and I needed that answered.  So, I forged thru but then came to a complete stop.  I literally could not go further cause I felt let down, as should every woman who reads this story written by another woman who thought it was ok to write this?!  Are you serious?!    

At nearly the end of book, we learn that the love interest (the guy) has been married the entire time he embarked on another relationship!  He didn't tell the heroine of the book this fact before he had sex with her!!  And to make matters worse, she only found out because her step brother told her the guy was still married!!!  This was acceptable and would turn to a HEA?!  SERIOUSLY?!  But it didn't end there.  Not only is he still married, but he still lives with his wife?  I'm sorry, but after that, I didn't care read any explanation as to why he kept her in the dark, that status of his marriage or the HEA that comes after.  This book was/is officially DNF'd.  There is just no coming back from that.

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