Review: Dirty Crazy Bad: The Complete Collection

Dirty Crazy Bad: The Complete Collection Dirty Crazy Bad: The Complete Collection by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4 Stars

That Prequel, for me, was un-necessary. My opinion of that witch Pamela is NEVER gonna change, and reading how she went about coldly and calculating getting a divorce? And then blowing off her kid? Selfish harpy. Worst. Mother. Ever.

Book One for me continues to WOW ... and to Whoa! Seriously.

This book was most definitely Dirty - the only kind I adore and love to read. The filthy, sexy times? Hand me a fan!! I was drooling in envy! Where do I sign up?

It’s also most definitely Crazy - what happens in this book? Not for the faint of heart. I struggled for days to get thru this with exasperation over the shenanigans and happenings but I made it to the other side. Boy am I glad I did too. I need the next book NOW!!

And last but certainly not least - it was oh so Bad. As in bad boys, bad men and, even bad women. All working to outwit one another. Bad life choices/decisions had me struggling not to pull my hair out!

I freaking adore Ash. She’s the bomb dot com. I was feeling Jade and Chad and then it fell apart. I’m still pissed at these two though. And Bree is my kind of girl. Ares is the wildcard and I’m still unsure of him. Hopefully he’ll be explained more in the next book.

Book Two was not what I expected and I was left with questions. The big reveal left me with a flat feel the first time. Having read the prequel, yup. The cray-cray was on the wall, even before I saw for myself in this book. It still doesn't shock me, but it’s still confusing the the way it came about/out. It just felt like too much happened too fast. I just wanted more explanation for Ash's mom being the way she was - was the story she told even true?

Amidst the pain and devastation from the last book, a happy ending was achieved. But what’s up with Bree? My girl needs her story to be told. There’s something brewing there …

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book and it’s conclusion and those bonus scenes *fans self*

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