Review: You Beautiful Thing, You

You Beautiful Thing, You You Beautiful Thing, You by Saffron A. Kent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 War & Peace Stars!!!

I have adored the Girls of St. Mary's and all their trials and errors with love and happiness. So, expecting nothing less than what I've read before - I'm happy to say that Tempest and Ledger's road to love is laced with drama, sadness, tears, frustrations, and when combined together ... you are on an EPIC insane ride. I was totally hear for it. Thank god I was on vacation reading this - I needed to be fully present for this. I’ve been waiting for this story for so long and I went into it full force. I did not stop reading, in fact I'm re-read it again. It's just that good. These two were made for each other - so much more so than Callie and Reed.

Ledger ... oh my poor wounded soul brother from another mother. I have been waiting to find out what his deal is/was. This book does not disappoint in getting to the root of his issues. The Angry Thorn - I've always hated that description of him. I'm so happy that Tempest is the balm to soothe this misjudged man-boy.

I cannot wait until the other Thorn boys/men are dealt with - Shep and Stellan, I'm looking at you!

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