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Review: A Cosmic Kind of Love

A Cosmic Kind of Love A Cosmic Kind of Love by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score 4.5 Stars!

A Cosmic Kind of Love. From the first moment I heard about this book, I have to admit - I thought it would be more about whether or not people believed "Fate" played any role in finding "The One". I'm so glad that was not what this book is about! Samantha Young’s newest release pure genius, although I felt as she's somehow followed/stalked me and made a telenovela book of my life. Just kidding, although - did you?

I adore Chris, the Hero of this book. My fellow Latino and we even have the same last name Ortiz. *fan girling* My relationship with my parents reads more like Hallie's with hers - I was constantly put in the middle of their drama - but Chris' relationship or lack thereof was so sad and heartbreaking to read. Mr. Ortiz, you need therapy! Hallie's been thru the ringer of her parent's divorce and afterlife, a demanding job, and her own life issues/struggles. And then wham! George happened. Ugh! What a tool. Much like Chris, I often feel disconnected from my heritage. I too did not grow up speaking Spanish and still today, when people hear my name, they immediately address me in Spanish and wait for a reply - in Spanish. I also understand how much it hurts when you're consistently mocked for having a "gringa" accent. Yeah, lets just say - it's not endearing or encouraging to anyone. I totally connected with Chris, but I also connected with Hallie's insecurities as well. It's horrible to have your mother pick at you over what you wear and how it looks on you. Ugh! Worst Mother of the Year!!

This book is the ultimate slow burn in that they truly got to know each first as friends before they became partners/lovers. I loved that! I didn't even care how long it took for them to kiss - I was on board the Hallie/Chris train. Granted, they way they "met' isn't typical but it was just so ... them. These two couldn't have met any other way. They way they were drawn to each other and the level of comfort they both felt in the other - that only happens when you bear your soul, as these two did albeit unknowingly.

This book was a joy to read and now, I must buy the paperback to forever have - in case Ms. Young and I ever meet in person. The one will have me dreaming sweet dreams of romance, fun, a bit of heartache, but above all a HEA.