Review: Forever Love: A Duet

Forever Love: A Duet Forever Love: A Duet by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

When Forever Changes - When I first read this nearly 3 years ago, I enjoyed this book but I felt something was off. I couldn't quite figure out my thoughts and feelings, which is probably why I didn't leave an in depth review at the time. Wow! What a topic/subject to take on. I was crying throughout this read. So much so, it brought on a headache.

Well, fast forward - it’s 3 years later and I've not only re-read this book but now have a different prospective on it. I loved it! I love the dynamic between Gabby and Slate - I didn't however like her relationship with Dylan, at first. But then they grew on my as well. And then - I was torn. Who should she choose? Who should she end up? This was hard and such a tough read to get through, but it so worth reading. This book will break you down, face yourself (past, present, future) and leave you with such good feels.

Thank you for the chance to re-read this Ms. Davis and for finally being able to put my thoughts together to leave a review.

No Feelings Involved - I didn't realize that No Feelings Involved is part of an interconnect series, yet is a complete standalone from the series. Characters from the other book do appear in this one, however, if you didn't read it - you won't necessarily mess a beat. That's what I love about Siobhan Davis' style of storytelling. Having read the previous book in the series, it was nice to revisit these old characters and see where in there lives they are at in this story.

This book is light-hearted and romantic with a dash of drama laced in. There's definitely no element of suspense here (as with the Kennedy Boys series), which is a welcome break. I loved Summer's character and could identify with her wanting to break free from not only her family but society's and morality's restraints on women and their sexuality. She's a strong, independent, intelligent young woman with a positive outlook on life and a great head on her shoulder.

Siobhan Davis has become my go-to author after I was introduce to her Kennedy Boys series and I have practically read every book she has released since. I am invigorated with this new interconnected series of standalones and can't wait to see where here next adventure takes us.

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