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Review: Mazzone Mafia: The Complete Series

Mazzone Mafia: The Complete Series Mazzone Mafia: The Complete Series by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 HOLY COW Stars!!!

What can I say? I started this series out of sync and now have had to play catch up. VoAMQ introduced me to Bennett and Sierra as well as the other couples in this series. Naturally, I needed to know all the back stories. So, I spent one day for each of the book in the series, listening to them on Audible and following along with the book.

The audio performances were PERFECT! They brought the story to life for me, help me to envision each character more. What I enjoyed the most was the fact that the male dialogues were performed by the males and the females by the female performer. I'd never heard that before! Bravo. Why hasn't this become a trend? More audio stories need to follow this format. I’m in an audio mood now and it's all thanks to Mazzone's!

I absolutely adored Sierra/Ben's story. Flawless. And that reveal - I'm still shook! I didn’t care that much for the development of Natalia/Leo's story because so many things were wrong with how it ALL went down, but listening to this book made up for it. By far the best one in terms of getting me in the feels. My heart broke for these two. And it introduced me to 14 yr old Caleb/Joshua. I can’t wait for their story! For Serena/Alesso's story, I didn’t love the male performance all that much - the spice was just too gruff for my liking, but I did enjoy how performers played off each other.

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