Review: Be With Me

Be With Me Be With Me by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

Yay ... we finally get Eredine and Arran’s backstories and boy were they not only powerful in emotions but you could see why they were drawn to each other. I wholeheartedly approved of Arran Adair and his full throttle pursuit of our elusive Ery. These two just had my heart aching and full with their banter, smoldering looks, faint touches, sly eye watching which all culminated to their explosive chemistry between the sheets. Lordy - I had to pace myself with these two!

Always in the backdrop are the other Adair family members and the goings on in their lives - babies and weddings? *squee* I just love their familial bond and their never ending love towards one another & their significant others.

I absolutely love this series and cannot wait for Brodan's story - I just can't believe it will be the last one of this series! I adore anything and everything Samantha Young has put out and this one is definitely in my Top Five.

And as someone mentioned previously, bring on Bro & Roe! We are ALL ready!!!

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