Why Are People Obsessed With Nonsense?

These two trending topics are flooding my Social Media feeds and it needs to just STOP.  FULL STOP.  

First trending topic:  Everyone is so obsessed with this dirty airing of laundry trial on Tv.  I see hashtags of #TeamDepp and #TeamAmber all over Social Media.  Clear lines have been drawn.  I'm not here for it.  I'm not siding with either of them, and frankly if you hear what's be said - neither should you.

Here's my take this bitter ex- feud/situation:

They ( Johnny & Amber ) both need to ACCEPT and SHARE the blame for what happened during the course of their relationship. Neither one is completely INNOCENT/GUILTY. I firmly believe that both were abusive to each other - mentally, physically, verbally. It's appalling but it does happen ( Men aren't the only abusers in relationships, women can and are as well - let's get rid of that stigma! ).

Whether is was drugs or alcohol or a combination of all - blaming it on childhood trauma means you have not accepted responsibility for the part YOU playing in continuing this obviously very TOXIC relationship. I've suffered childhood trauma. Does not mean I bring that into any of my relationships, nor do I stand by and let it occur.
I hope they each seek professional help and just move on from this - but I get it. It's difficult for Johnny because he's been labeled the abuser ( and has lost income ) and Amber is labeled the victim ( yet, she's still making money ). The way I see it, both Johnny and Amber are each other's abuser and each other's victim. PERIOD.

I wish them both the best in the future - apart.

Second trending topic: This god awful film that Netflix has put out, that is making Fifty Shades of Grey look like a romance.  Ugh!  No, just NO!  

Now, I saw the first film, and was anxious to find out where it would go - cause I get obsessive like that and I was invested in the possibilities of what could/should have happened.  In any case, I spoke with a good friend who gave me the run down of the 2nd and 3rd books of this series ( which she had read ) and well ... lets just say I lost any faith in seeing these be made into future films.  What a blow ... and let down by the author.  This wasn't a romance book - although when you shop for this book, that's exactly where you'll find, under "ROMANCE".  SMDH!

I'm not giving anything away, but it seems that book was all over the place and long story short - do not expect a HEA ending.  You'll surely feel like I felt - let down and left with the feeling of "What the hell did I just see/read".  There was promise there but hey, it's an author's right to go in a different direction as they see fit but if it doesn't jive with what you initially were selling - A ROMANCE - I'm gonna call you out. #SorryNOTSorry  The book and movie - trash.  I will MOST definitely not be watching it, nor will I buy the English translated books ( as it was first published in Polish ).

I urge people to call #365DaysThisDay what it is - a horribly created porn film set to music and not much else. There is No substance in film. There is No dialogue either ( well, a few sentences here and there ). It's just ALL about the kinky sex … and the music playing every 2-3 minutes.

Again, this isn’t even a romance. 

Wtf?! *rolls eyes*