EPIC FAIL Dell !!!

 I've recently been having issues with my XPS 8300 Dell computer that I bought nearly 14 yrs ago.  I have a TB of hard drive - only 398GB currently filled with various files of music, documents and programs I've downloaded.  My graphics card is 4GB, more that sufficient to play my Sims 4 game - which is what I mainly use this computer for.  The issues is that my processor & memory are out of date/have low quality issues (my processor is i5 - don't know which generation it is but given that I got this machine nearly 14 yrs ago, it's up there is age/quality) and my memory is only 6GB.

So an upgrade was desperately needed.  Since it lasted me so long, why not go back to Dell to purchase my new system - given that they have annual sales and discounts.  And I found one!  An Aurora Alienware computer, with 1TB of storage, 12GB graphics card, 11th generation i7 processor, and 16GB of memory all for the low price of $1,371.03 !  I thought I'd hit the jackpot - especially since it would get here by the time I left for California in a few short days.

So, why am now cursing Dell?  Well, it's be confirmed since I placed the order of March 10th, and the ship date was supposed to be March 18th with delivery by today.  Do I have my computer?  Nope.  Why?

Well, it seems there's an issue with getting the graphic card so it's delayed production.  When I asked when the graphic card would be arriving, no response.  Why?  Cause Dell Customer Service does not know.  IT could be today, tomorrow, next week.  But, I leave on March 26th (Saturday) to California for a month - I explained this the customer service agent.  Again, because they didn't want to give false expectations, they could not say.  


I am fuming!  I will never do business with Dell again!  You do not have delays and keep it to yourselves, when you have customers expecting product that they purchased with no notification.  What were they going to do if/when the graphic card doesn't come in at all - cancel my order anyway?!  Furthermore, I would have let it be put together - had they given a date.  If they said they wouldn't get it in until April, I could have been patient.  But no.  Nothing!  No communication, no prior notice, NOTHING!!!  Ugh!

I'm back at square one now - I need an excellent gaming computer for about $1400.  Can anyone recommend some quality computers?  I'm fresh out of patience of search for one ALL over again.