Review: Once Upon A [Hidden] Time

Once Upon A [Hidden] Time Once Upon A [Hidden] Time by Samreen Ahsan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 What the Heck Stars!!!

I'm going to need a minute to process this one. Review to come ...

Unlike before, I am now totally confused!  With all the fiber of my being, I abhorred King Stefan but that ending has me questioning my initial gut reaction to him! There's no doubt that man is slimy and sinister to the T - but he's no longer my main worry at the moment. And that ending!  I'm all twisted up...

This book took me some time - some parts were slow to form and I just couldn't grasp what was taking so long to move it all along - but I didn't give up.  I actually slowed down.  Sometimes I even re-read chapters to ensure that I was reading things correctly.  It helped.  And things are slowly but surely coming together.  We finally have a grasp of who the mysterious Jasmine is, but not so much as to who she is in relation to Myra.  I'm hoping that the finale will answer ALL these questions.  I'm so eager for it.  

This book is captivating ( once the story moves along ), and when you get sucked in - your in it until the end! This 4th book of the series definitely leave you with more questions then answers but I've been here since the beginning and can't wait for it ALL to be revealed.