I'm Back! Sorta ...

 It's been a tough 8 weeks since my father's passing and I'm still slowly coming to terms with it.  It's hard to believe he's gone but I know he's at peace and no longer suffering so much as he did before.

For anyone who's lost parent, it's loosing a part of yourself and the wound never full heals.  Just scabs over.  My scab is still healing and at times it oozes but eventually it will close - leaving a scar.  

I know he would want me to go on, and so I am.  I've gotten back into reading - which is good - cause there is nothing at the moment on TV that he calling to me.  Hopefully, it distracts my mind a bit.

We'll see ...

Still not open for accepting ARC's from anyone new, so if you are seeing this and thinking to reach out - chances are I will not answer you.

I'm just taking things moment by moment.

Hope you have a blessed day.

Ellie <3