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Summer Reads 2021 Update - And a Bit of Slump (plus it's my Birthday!) ...

I've finished/added a few more books to my #SummerReads2021 list because HELLO DISORGANIZED LIFE, I forgot I signed up for some ARCs. *face palms*  Yeah, at this rate I will never get to read any of the books I wanted to.  But I'm going to try!  Which is difficult since I've been in a reading slump of late.  It's not that I can't find the time - it's that my brain has just turned off interest in reading anything.  Last time this happened (which was severe), I left reading and the book world for 10 yrs.  I missed out on a lot of good reads.  I don't want that to happen again.  

To refresh yourselves with the books I've chosen, go here.  I've added the following info: 1. Dates Read/Finished; 2. My Review Score; 3. Links to the Reviews; 4. All books are updated (including missing ARC's of which there were 2 or 3 - sadly, I can't remember but I have a feeling it will be more).

It's August 2nd and as of today, I have only 3 days left being 45 before the calendar adds that's ONE MORE YEAR, making me officially  4-6.  Remember the days of childhood when you just wanted to be 21?  Just so that you could "be" an adult - but not realized what that fully encompassed/meant?  Boy, do I wish I could back in time to my 13 yr self and slap her a bit.  I kid - she'd get a strongly worded lecture to just sit back enjoy the journey.  Then, she'd get lightly tapped. 

Which means it is time for my annual summer break/Birthday vacation - I vow that I shall read and tackle some books off my list.  So help me I will!  I've got a good chunk of time to be flex with - what with COVID still running the show and travel is just not a smart idea (for me anyway) right now with my anxieties.  So, it's a stay-cation for me!  Which could be boring for some, but I like the solitude.  I'm the girl that spent ALL her time locked in her room growing up, never really interacting with her family unless it was demanded.  I felt like I just didn't fit in with in them and left them to their own devices.  Me?  It was my bedroom, the bathroom next door to it, and my books.  If I needed food, I sat down for family dinner, then promptly back into my hole I went.  So, I know I'm comfortable there.  It's my happy place.   

Other than that, no other solid Summer plans.  Cause you know - COVID.  I'm vaccinated, but this new variant has me worried for those folks who haven't gotten the shot, refuse to get it, and those who just medically can't.  Stay safe everyone.  Hope you have a great summer and see you all in a few weeks as I will a taking a break from ALL Social Media (pausing IG, FB, Twitter, etc.).  

I'll be back later this month before Labor Day due to commitments made.  Until then ...