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Regular TV Season OVER - What to Watch Next?

The TV seasons have come to an end.  Every year, I get together with a select group of friends and we go over what it is that is coming up in the new season of TV that we will be viewing.  There have been some great shows that have come along - only to disappear by mid-season or which ended at the end of the TV year.  The latest TV pilot list hasn't been released as of yet (that I know of) but I have a feeling I will be streaming shows fully.  TV viewing just isn't the same ...

This past year, I've had to say good-bye to shows I've loved (All Rise, Prodigal Son), while others have lost my interest (Manifest, A Million Little Things), and others should be outright canceled at this point (ALL Reality TV). Thus far, I've managed to catch up on a few (thanks to streaming and my DVR), however, I've found that my Hulu subscription is money well worth the spend.  

I've managed to view:

Blue Bloods (only seasons 1- 9 are currently available)
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (ALL 8 seasons available)
Angel (ALL 5 seasons available)
Bones (ALL 12 seasons available)
Elementary (ALL 7 seasons available)

Some new ones that popped up and will be viewing again:

Blossom (ALL 5 seasons available)
Criminal Minds (Only seasons 13 -15 are available)
Felicity (ALL 4 seasons available)
Numb3rs (All 6 seasons available)
CSI: Miami (All 10 seasons available)

And there are many more!  So, with everything airing live and then the following day on a streaming service - should we even bother signing those contracts with FiOS or Optimum/Altice?  Answer for me:  NOI've cut the cord (no more cable!).  It's streaming ALL the way for me.  

What else should I put on my watch list?  I have Netflix and Prime as well.  I'm down for watching just about anything/everything.

Hit me up with your favorites and I'll check them out.