Review: Don't Kiss the Bride

Don't Kiss the Bride Don't Kiss the Bride by Carian Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

I read this book in between reading two (2) other books and I have to say, as soon as I finished one, I had to come back to this one.  It just held me captive - I had to find out how it would end! From start to finish, the book was stuck in my head. 

I loved the story, most especially Jude and Skylar.  I felt a strong connection to Skylar - poor girl had just been given a rotten hand in life.  Her parent were utterly useless. And Jude aka Lucky - gosh, I just love not only a good man, but an unknowing hero who just genuinely cares. The fact that he also shows his fears and vulnerability? *mwah*  Sign me up! 

Carian Cole writes beautifully flawed but strong characters.  This will definitely not be my last book by this author.  

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