Passionflix Founding Member Review - Wicked


Title: Wicked
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publication Date: December 8th, 2014
Book: (currently on sale $1.99)
Passionflix Subscription: ($5.99/month)

As a Founding Member for the past 4+ years, I have to say - the stories have just gotten better. As with all new businesses and ventures, hiccups happen and the COVID-19 pandemic certainly threw the entertainment industry into a tailspin.  Just exactly how would we make tv series/movies again?  Would would that look like?  With Wicked, the first Passionflix movie filmed during the pandemic, I'm happy to say - it looked exactly like every other film that has been released to date.

Set in New Orleans, this paranormal romance starts off at the jump and dives head first into a secret society that protects our world from another realm.  We meet Ivy, who is patrolling the French Quarter - hunting creatures she's sworn to wipe out of existence.  Enter Ren - who is the last person Ivy is set on letting into her life.  But there's just something about him that draws her to him.  As their attraction for one another grows, so does the danger in Quarter - but will Ivy take a chance and let Ren into her life and heart?  And if she does, will the secret she carries destroy their chance at happiness before they ever have a chance at something real?

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film, it was well worth the view.  I was engrossed in watching this, I simply could not tear my eyes away from it for fear of missing anything.  The acting was good, and the romance was endearing - which definitely tells me that since I have this book, I need to move it up my reading list.  Some plots of the story I figured out (only because I WAS paying attention) and I'm looking forward to seeing where the rest of the story heads.

My Review Scores:

Acting: B
Story / Plotline: A
Romance/Chemistry: A
Action: B-
Heat Level: B+
Overall Score: A-