Review: Slingshot

Slingshot Slingshot by Mercedes Helnwein
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 3.5 Stars 

I normally like to read a book first before getting an idea of where it's headed.  But, with this book - I kind of needed more.  So I looked at some of the reviews.  Boy, did I wish I had not.  While some were favorable, other's were not so much.  One in particular stood out - the reader couldn't imagine young people using offensive language.  I nearly spit my coffee out with that one!  This reader must not be around children much and/or teenagers.  Ride the NYC public transit system - every child from the age of being able to talk well into adulthood and beyond use offensive language.  Seriously?  Puh-leze!

In regards to this story, I have to admit - the premise is what hooked me.  And while I was reading it, yes ... YES I wanted to chuck it out of the nearest window.  I wasn't bothered by the language or the causality of sex in the book.  I'm not a prude.  It was the fact that I was reliving my high school years - ALL OVER AGAIN.  Granted, I graduated in the early '90s, but it funny how somethings remain the same (cliques are still a thing, huh?)  God I hated HS and all that went with it.  

In any case, Slingshot was most definitely a frustrating read for me - but I got thru it.  Much like I did in HS.   Gracie.  Oh Gracie - you called to me girl.  My loner, rebellious heart, thumbing and middle fingering the world around you.  However, that's where the similarities end.  Even I knew in HS you don't have sex just for boredom.  Beside, HS guys are gross.  I repeat - HS GUYS ARE GROSS.  Wade.  Wade was definitely a friend - they kind you always keep close, make sure to engage with, and if possible, you could fall in love with him.  But there was something about this attitude that was off putting (and later on we find out why).  I too was Wade.  Family dynamics sure do suck, don't they Wade?  

Other than the main characters, Beth, Georgie, and even Derek - I found nothing redeemable about any of the other characters (Gracie's/Wade's Parents, the school administration, Anju!). I could have done without them.  The romance aspects were alright (I don't have personal experience with HS romance/teen angst as I stayed away from that and actually focused on just making it out of that hell), but the friendships formed were what spoke to me.  Those should have been explored/nurtured more.  And the ending felt lack luster.  That has to be my biggest issue - the potential for a great ending, only to be left with a letter and the unknown. 

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