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Review: Once Upon A [Broken] Time

Once Upon A [Broken] Time Once Upon A [Broken] Time by Samreen Ahsan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

As before, I totally - with all the fiber of my being - abhor King Stefan! That man is slimy and sinister to the T. He's my main worry at the moment. Ugh, I need the next book like yesterday!

This book! It took me some time - as I started before I had to relocate - to get thru, because I wanted to make sure I soaked up all information, but finally I've finished! And events are starting to come to together!

Myra and Queen Jasmine - there is a definite connection there, but what? Is she a descendant? Is she the Queen reborn? Or is there some other explanation? We have to wait until the next book for more about Queen Jasmine but I have a feeling secrets are going to be revealed in a way I didn't see coming!

This book was is captivating, and once you are sucked in - your in it until the end! This is my 3rd book of the series and I'm pinning (on hands and knees begging the author) for the next book because I need answers. Poor Steve needs answers too!

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