Review: Much Ado About You

Much Ado About You Much Ado About You by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

Not going to cheese it but I was nervous about this one.  When I got an email stating that the book was available for early review, I rushed to get a copy of the ARC as I love anything Samantha Young.  Then I was denied.  So, I sulked and said, "Ok.  I guess I'll wait for the release." Weeks later, the publisher - same one who denied my Netgalley request to review - sent an email saying "I see you are apart of the Samantha Young ARC team, would you like to read this?" Huh?  Uhm, let me see ... YES!  So, I requested again.  After a bit of an error and emails back and forth - FINALLY!  I was approved!  And then, I started to read ...

This story made me cheer, laugh out loud, hurt, suffer, cry, but then it stitched me back together and I felt peace.  We are all struggling to find ourselves in life - always wanting to change for the better and hope that good and light comes out way.  And when love - the very thing you had given up on - presents itself, you question why now?  Why not before?  And at times, it can muddle and confuse you.  But what you have to ask yourself is this - would you have been open to it before or just have shut it out?  

This book had a lot of things going for it: a heroine having a dream holiday (I would personally kill to be able to do this), the sweetest town with friendly albeit quirky townsfolk, discovering a new career path (one she previously had no inclination of), and a charming Scottish farmer named Roane.  I downright should hate Evie, but I found that while at time, her reasonings did annoy me, I loved that she stayed true to herself and her goals.

Much Ado About You is on my list of top reads for 2021.  

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