Review: Waiting for Him

Waiting for Him Waiting for Him by Lauren Simpson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

Review to come ... when I’m less emotional after having read this! (edited on 1/24/2021)

Ok. I seriously need to be in my feels after having read this story and then followed it up by reading even more emotional love stories afterward.  However, this one has remained stuck in my head - I adored this story so. I cannot believe debut novel.  Wow factor!  I will now have to add this author my ever growing list of authors to look out for.  

From the very first page, until the very last sentence read - I was hooked!  Sucked in and didn’t now the emotional ride I was headed for.  Captivating.  Enthralled. This book came at time when I needed an emotional outlet of my charged up, not quite firing emotions.  This book let them all rip out!  The vulnerability and growth of the main character was like the metamorphous of a beautiful butterfly coming out of its cocoon.  And Trent - gah!  Gorgeous, alpha male to the T, he ferociousness in wanting not only Charlie but to protect her?  Where is he?  Men like him simply do not exist - and this is not only disappointing, but troubling as well!

This is a love story for the ages.  Powerful in its message.  Built on a solid foundation.  But, it's also steeped in truth - nothing unrealistic and always honest.  The course of love doesn't run smooth, but if you can get thru the rough times and forked roads that try to lead off course, it's worth the time and effort.

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