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Review: The Princess and the Rogue

The Princess and the Rogue The Princess and the Rogue by Kate Bateman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

How did I miss this series?! Must go back and read the first 2 now, but I will be back soon with a review this for this one ... (edited on 11/30/2020)

Anastasia Denisova is a Russian princess in hiding as a companion to a dowager duchess in London. Forced to run away from a fellow country man who only wants to use her & her title for his advantage. She has no protection except her loyal friend and companion as her brother was killed eighteen months earlier during the Battle of Waterloo. Forced to sell the last of her precious jewels, she lives in abject modesty in an apartment next to a brothel and has become Anna Brown. Friendly in manner and disposition, she's taken to her new life in London ... but what happens when the past comes knocking and along with it, a danger you never realized?

Sebastian Wolff is an Earl. Known as Lord Mowbray, he is also a Bow Street agent. He's enjoying life - as he is also the owner of a gaming hall. While his friends and fellow comrades have found themselves love and marriage, Wolff vows to cling to his single status. What use is a wife when there are plenty of women to choose from? However, he's masking a secret - a loneliness he's just recently become aware of; is he missing out?

So, how is that these two opposites should meet ... at a brothel one evening, and an instant spark of recognition should hit them both? For Anna, there is instant attraction. For Sebastian, he finds her both captivating in beauty and intriguing. Neither one can seem to forget the other. Then a situation arises - Anna needs to disappear for someone dangerous has just caught up to her. But what starts as an escape to safety with the aide of the Dowager Duchess soon becomes a rescue. Once again, Sebastian and Anya are thrown together and this time - no one can stop the flames of passion from igniting.

The mixture of action as well as romance in this novel was both enjoyable to read and swoon worthy. The pace however was slow to start and at times was a bit difficult to get thru. I liked both the hero and heroine and their character development but at times there were too many things happening at once and it left me struggling to put things into perspective. Sebastian is the epitome of alpha maleness, yet Anna was no weak damsel in distress. These two had combustible chemistry and gave as good as they got.

All in all this was an enjoyable read, but I would have adored an epilogue a few years later to get to see how they both had adjusted to their lives.

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