Review: Overdue

Overdue Overdue by Miranda Elaine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4 Stars!

This was such a sweet story of friends who each had an unrequited love for one another.  Becoming  lovers a difficult prospect for both to imagine, but the development was cute and at time awkward to witness.  In the end, these two proved just how perfect they were for each other!

They knew each other from childhood - starting off as enemies - but grew into an understanding of one another and eventual friendship.  Deeply rooted in them both is their sense of community and each not considering the possibility of leaving the haven of their small town.  

Leni, the librarian, practical and yet has deep fear of loosing those she holds close.  Griffin is a fireman, who puts his life on the line everyday.  Of course there are issues with this aspect of his chosen career but it doesn't last - the man is irresistible!  Their love for one another is so pure and innocent, their romance once started is combustible. Wooza!  Secondary character, Grandma Helen,  is a hoot!  By far the funniest character, especially when little Mikaela enters a scene.  Everyone wishes they had a cool Nan like Helen or a precocious child like Mikaela! And Parker is the friend who keeps it real and makes you see things you don't want.  These characters were adorable to read.

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