Review: One More Round

One More Round One More Round by Alice Clayton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

Oh Simon ... Oh Caroline.  My heart just ached and broke for you both.  While I have never suffered in the way they have - I understand what it is to want to have a baby and not be able to.  I could so identify with that.  My heart still aches with the knowledge that I never will, but I'm still slowly but surely coming to terms with it.

It was nice to re-visit this series and the gang - Mimi & Sophie had me LOL'ing - and of course there is CLIVE.  I think I missed him most of all.

I listened to the audiobook today just to kill time while I'm home working and I soon got caught up in the story.  There are tissues lining my desk and not a lick of work has been accomplished - well, not much any way *wink*

I hope there are some more re-visits happening (esp. in light of the ending).  Fantastic job Ms. Clayton and totally worth the wait!

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