Review: Black Tangled Heart

Black Tangled Heart Black Tangled Heart by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

I both loved and hated at times the characters in the this book at times - yes, even including the Hero & Heroine (Jane & Jamie). So consumed they were in each other, they were oblivious others around them, especially Skye and Lorna. By no means I am saying that Lorna was a saint - I know this, and she proved this time and time again - but I too felt her pain and acknowledge it. I even empathized with it. I just wish that the other people in her life instead of just talking a behind her back about her, actually got her the help she desperately needed - because it was obvious to me that she was in pain and had been for a while.

The human desire for retribution and justice - for being wronged in life is an inane part of humanity and our complexities - and perhaps the darkest. It leads us down roads to decisions that make us shadows of our former selves, never truly whole again. You can help guide some people on the way - like Jane tried to do for Jamie - but for others like Lorna, they are forever lost to that pain that first defined them.

Life is shaped by choices - and tragedy can help guide the choices we make in the wake of the them. Such is the case in Samantha Young’s latest book, Black Tangled Heart. This book broke my heart with all the bad decisions made by everyone in the wake of several tragedies that have fallen two families. So much pain, so much loss. No one was a winner in the end. And sometimes the losses suffered in the end are the most unfathomable ... and unforgivable of all.
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