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Review: Tease Me

Tease Me Tease Me by J. Kenner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

Even though Nikki and Damien don't take center stage and are just mentioned - have little to no actual dialogue - don't let this one pass you by!

In the thick of things is Nikki's BFF James, aka Jaime and husband/COS of Stark Enterprises Ryan Hunter and whoa! This one is a doozy folks! Could there be signs of trouble in our fair Jaime's marriage? Is Ryan straying from our devote BFF? Or is this just a case of miscommunication by our fair Wild Children or is something more sinister lurking?

I enjoyed the hell out of this latest book and dare I say - I loved that it was about Nikki & Damien (although I still love my damaged coupled). It was a breathe of fresh air that revived my lust for this series. I couldn't put it down the moment! I need answers and was pleasantly satiated with all that was revealed. I did have a moment of worry for my Wild Child Jaime, but in the end ... all is well and Ryan came thru - as always.

I'd love to see more books now about Dallas, Sylvie and the rest of the gang to catch up on how they are doing now.

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