Review: Angry God

Angry God Angry God by L.J. Shen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

Vaughn Spencer has broken my heart! I didn’t even care who the heroine in the book was (Poppy or Lenny), I just wanted to know Vaughn’s story and now that I do, I emphasize and understand him in a way more than I ever did Vicious (his father). And I adore the appearance of my man Troy who started me on my LJ Shen journey *thumbs up*

By far the best story in the entire series ... Angry God is filled with heartache, angst, spite, malice, hate, and above all - love. And yet I could not help but be glued to this book book from beginning to end.

I have to say ... I’m not even surprised as to where the book took me (I figured that out with the first two chapters). Everytime I read an LJ Shen book, I know to expected the unexpected and this book more than delivered. It’s scored.

I can’t sing enough praise for Ms. Shen’s art of storytelling. No one else has managed to so throughly suck my in and spit me out where I ask - no, actually beg for more. More chapters ... more books ... more spin-offs. I’m a forever fan and if you are one as well, this a definite must read!

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