Review: Pretty Reckless

Pretty Reckless Pretty Reckless by L.J. Shen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

Pretty Reckless was pretty difficult to get into when I first started reading, if I'm being honest.  I just couldn't identify with spoiled Daria, misunderstood Via, and lovelorn Penn.  Then something amazing happened and it just ... CLICKED.  Daria became my warrior queen who was wronged - by EVERYONE.  Those who she should have counted on the most either betrayed her cruely or just ignored her existence.  However, I still wasn't one board with Via or Penn.  Later on, another change to my perception happened of two these characters and BOOM - now I'm down with Penn, but only slightly with Via as well. 

My point being is that L.J. Shen can craft a story that slows burns at the start, drawing you in an inch at time until you don't realize that you are ALL in and that these character's are now apart of you - to the point that you can now live, breathe, hurt, and fight along with them.  Their pain is YOUR pain.  Their experiences are your own.  Every minute, every second.  That is artistry at its core and L.J. Shen has got it in spades! Every word is an illustration.

I thought I was obsessed with her All Saints High series of Hotholes ... but I think it's this spinoff might be the one that makes the obsession a phobia.  This story is well though-out, organized, and a home run. 

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