Review: Fixing Him

Fixing Him Fixing Him by Miranda Elaine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

This is my first novel by Miranda Elaine and I have to say, she now has a fan in me for life! Fixing Him is the perfect blend of a sweet slow burn romance, where the passion is scorching hot and the storyline is rock solid.

Sam and Montana two people you wouldn't necessarily see as a couple, but whenever they were together, you could feel that electrical undercurrent brewing between them. These two couldn't resist their attraction to one another, no matter how hard Sam initially tried to fight it. The main reason being their age/life style differences. It was hysterical to watch him try ... and fail so miserably though.

And what story is complete without an animal ... Kernie added a level of cuteness and fun that helped to bolster the story and endeared it to me. Who has a miniature pet pig? Of course only Montana would and it just added to her uniqueness of character. If I didn't have my dog ...

Fixing Him is a definite must read for anyone looked for a fun, whity, sweet romance about two opposites who find that they aren't as different as they seem.

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