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Review: Sweet Liar

Sweet Liar Sweet Liar by Laurelin Paige
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Wickedly Hot Stars!

Dylan is divorced, has a teenage son, a she-devil of an ex, and is definitely NOT looking for a relationship. I felt like he was setting himself up for what came next.  And what came next was Audrey.  Audrey is young - like twenty years too young for Dylan. But the instant they meet - CHEMISTRY - the explosive kind.  And Audrey is one person that Dylan can't quite ignore.   Especially with such huge differences - the age factor and the fact that they reside on two different continents.

Can just one night satisfy them?  Can they can move on with their lives, separate and unaffected?

Dylan Locke.  Business man.  Experienced. Living God!  Oh my stars ... I am in lust with Dylan!  Once again, I've been brought a book that has a character from a previous series and I need to play catch up.  So worth it!  What I time I will have playing it ... catch up that is.  This book was sweet, sexy and had the makings of an epic love story that tugs at the heart strings!  I can't wait for it's conclusion in Sweet Fate.
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