Review: The Kiss Thief

The Kiss Thief The Kiss Thief by L.J. Shen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5+ Stars!

I’ve agonized ... I've written long paragraphs, re-read them, shorten them and then deleted them ... I've spent the last 5 days pulling my hair trying to fit in ALL the love that I have for this story into an epic review ... And I've finally decided short, sweet, honest and to the point is going to have to do. So here it goes -

This story ... I found myself at times both unable to tear myself away from this book and vowing that I will never, EVER read another one like it again. *insert tears* It very nearly broke me.  The drama, angst, that heart breaking love triangle!  Added into the mix are vendettas, broken dreams, broken promises, broken lives ... well, is it no wonder that IT NEARLY BROKE ME?

Both leading men had qualities that made them attractive and alluring and even I couldn't decide who I wanted the heroine to end up with.  I will say that with all of LJ Shen's book, we are in for one hell of bumpy ride down a road to the end.  But oh what a ride it is!  I love everything about this book even when I hated myself for loving the dark parts. 

Knocked it out of the park Ms. Shen has and you don't want to pass this one up as it will leave you with #AllTheFeels.

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