Review: Do You Feel It Too?

Do You Feel It Too? Do You Feel It Too? by Nicola Rendell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Impressed Stars!

Do You Feel It Too is Nicola Rendell's latest achievement and when I say that it is - IT IS. This book is a MUST READ! I have mad love for Nicola's whit and humor - which she pours into her work - and this one is just the creme de la creme of her artistry. As with each of her books, the banter is saucier, the sex is naughtier, and the animals are ... well, exotic and out of this world with LOL antics. Seriously, if were up to me, I'd adopt each of the pets from her books and teach them these mad skills - but, who's got time for that?

Gabe Powers is a somewhat of a celebrity in Savannah Georgia, shooting an episode for his show when he spots a woman he's not only drawn to, he's just got to meet. Enter Lily Jameson, local girl and sort of jack of all trades. Their first meeting should have ended anything further developing, but from the first contact, sparks. These two have immediate chemistry & their relationship escalates very quickly, but believably. I just adore them as both strong willed individuals as well as a couple trying to find their footing in the newness of fast paced relationship.

This book hits every mark for me that makes a book amazing - abundance of sweetness, sexy times galore, hilarious humor, strong characters, and most of it - it's grabs at your heart strings from the very start. Gabe was just a dream and lets face - by the time your thru with the book, you'll be wishing he was oh so real. He was a perfect blend of gentlemanly charm and alpha maleness all rolled up in one hunk of a man. Lily is sweet, loyal, kind, caring but also had gumption. She was no wilting flower.

Nicola Rendell has done it again and exceeded my expectations. I don’t know how you she does or will do in the future, but I for one am willing and waiting and waiting to find out how!

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