Review: No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow No Tomorrow by Carian Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5+ Emotionally Wretched Stars!

I feel like I've been through the wringer with this book ... and I don't know what to read next that will get me out of my #bookhangover.  From the very start of this book, I knew I would be put on an emotional rollacoaster - what I was prepared for was the enjoyment of the ride.  WOW!  What a book - I can't begin to describe it.  It's a little over a day later and I'm still struggling to write a review worthy of this book.  I'm not going to focus on writing the best review, but instead an honest one.  Here it goes ...

This story destroyed me - cracked my heart into little pieces, made me pull my hair out in frustration, laugh out loud and cry in fear & in joy.  Evan is flawed, broken, and not well.  He was dealt a hand in life most people would throw in, but what I absolutely adored about him was that he didn't.  He lived life - albeit not well at times.  He's saving grace was Piper - but even Piper has flaws.  Sheltered, innocent - she's only experienced life in a bubble.  That is until Evan charges into her life and pops that bubble.

No Tomorrow is story about the power in love - what it means, looking at the joy & sorrow it brings, but also the pain that's endured.  Its has surpassed all my expectations - since it was repeatedly delayed - and given me one of my Top Favorite Reads of 2018.  These characters are in my conscious and my soul so much so that I took my time and actually delayed reading it closer to it's publication date because I wanted the freshness of the story to pour out into my words when I reviewed this book.

If you can handle the highs and lows of life - this book is for you.  Don't miss out.  I can't sing Carian Cole's praises enough nor No Tomorrow's.

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