Review: Medicine Man

Medicine Man Medicine Man by Saffron A. Kent
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Final Score - 5 Warrior Woman Stars!

Willow Taylor is a young girl who has lost her desire to fight ... to live.  Her endless sea of depression has dragged her down a rabbit hole and refuses to relinquish it's hold on her.  It all comes to a head one fateful day and in the aftermath, she is placed in a psychiatric hospital.  It is here where she meets new people who eventually become her greatest friendships.  It is also where she meets new resident psychiatrist, Simon Blackwood. 

From the moment they meet, they are drawn together, but both are suffering untold demons.  Not to mention, he's her doctor and there are some lines that can't be crossed.  But in each other they find a puzzle piece of themselves - that make it impossible for them to ever be whole without the other.  However, again I reiterate - HE IS HER DOCTOR; SHE IS HIS PATIENT. 

I loved EVERYTHING about this novel. The taboo nature was SO appealing for me, it drew me to want to read this and I can't say I'm sorry.  First off, he's her doctor & she's the patient.  Second, is when you realize that Simon is in in his mid-30's & while Willow has just turned 18. This forbidden aspect of their relationship made my heart palpitate & choke with fear.  There is NO privacy at a psychiatric hospital - anyone at anytime could have found them out!  They are in a HOSPITAL for goodness sake!!  Hair pulling aside, there were times I wanted them to be found out just to see how Simon would react - he was a tough character to relate to at times. 

I adored all of the side characters in the story - most especially Willow's new friends she made at the hospital.  These friendships - something that Willow had never experienced -  were invaluable to her growth and rehabilitation.  Some of greatest laugh out loud moments in the book were compliments of these ladies and their antics/out looks.  I can't even express how much I'm excited that Renn & Vi will be getting their own books.  I SERIOUSLY can't wait to read them!

And while the author express that certain liberties were taken with book, I can't help but feel that she brought a more impassioned aspect regarding the subject of depression. Her sensitivity and creativity in weaving together this story has brought a new view of what mental health means.  Having suffered from depression in one way or another for years, I was delighted to read how careful attention was put into not only the story but of the subject at hand. 

There are some books that you pick up and absorb while there are others you abandon after just a chapter or two. This is NOT that book!  This story will stay with you for days, weeks.  I still have yet to get it out of my head.  This book came along at the right time and was just what I needed.  Saffron A. Kent has done it again and I for one am not shocked or surprised - although that just means she's raised the bar. 

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