Review: Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight Fight or Flight by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

The book starts off with an assumption from an otherwise ass (and I say that because that's how he comes across) of a man.  Caleb is judgmental, blunt and insensitive - otherwise an ass.  That's not to say that Ava is/was always in the right - she did poke the bear so to speak.  However, first impressions are a big deal to me and well, I identified with Ava more so than Caleb.  My feelings for Caleb were a slow burn - he didn't completely win me over enough, but the overall ending was plausible for me and enjoyable to read.

What can I say about Samantha Young's books that hasn't already been said by me and countless others?  Everyone I've talked to has not only read her On Dublin Series (and LOVED it as much as I do).  Her style of writing about funny, witty, and sarcastic characters - you can't help but be blown away with each and every new book she releases.  They're just that good!  And with FIGHT OR FLIGHT, she's added an element of heartbreak I'm sure every woman - especially nowadays - can relate to.  The story was engaging - I could not put it down - and chemistry between Caleb and Ava was strong.  I will be buying the paperback/hardcover to add to my ever growing collection of Samantha Young books.

I definitely recommend this one.

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