Review: Flirting with Forever

Flirting with Forever Flirting with Forever by Kendall Ryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

Kendall Ryan is quickly becoming my go to author - her brand of realistic romance is quickly becoming my favorite to read.  She brings life to these characters but also to their relationship - whether it be with family or with friends.  Flirting with Forever is fun and playful, heartwarming and heart-pulling, but most of all  chalk full of emotions. 

Cam and Natalie - you could see what everyone else so plainly saw from the beginning.  Yet how do move from the friend zone to romance zone?  These two were honest in their pursuits - it wasn't going to be an easy path, but together they navigated the tricky waters. 

Realistic in the emotional entanglement, this story was easy to devour.  I loved every delicious minute of it!! I loved Cam & Natalie's electrifying chemistry, their nearly life long friendship, their flirtatious and often times sexy banter - and lets not forget how these two burned up the sheets - it's a miracle they both didn't go up in flames! 

I can't wait the book Ms. Ryan!

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