Review: Ven

Ven Ven by Ker Dukey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

I just knew Diana’s story would be bombshell of sorts and boy was it!  Now, left with no other recourse, she's been entered into the arena - where it's killed or be killed.  However, this rose has thorns and needs NO savior to come rescue her.  No, the Queen will save herself and rule over her empire with blood and an iron fist.  She has been reborn after the events of the last book and the beginning of this and her evolution is beautiful to witness.  Once the beloved, she is now considered a spoiled viper.  But in man's world, they have underestimated Diana.  And for that - they will pay.  Be afraid men.  Be VERY AFRAID! 

Ven at times was not only the handsome prince, but just as bad as his father.  He has no remorse for his actions (of which he commits offenses in my opinion which were just as bad as his father) and I still have a hard time loving him, let alone cheering on his relationship with Diana.  I'm still conflicted about him.  But he did love Diana when no one else would, so I have to think there is something redeemable about him.  Right? 

Ven is the latest in The V Games series by Authors Ker Dukey and K. Webster.  I was anxiously to see where next these two took me and I was not disappointed!  It's gritty, raw, in your face and as dark a mafia romance can get and I enjoyed every last bit of it ... well, I enjoyed some while other parts made me cringe.

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