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Review: The Fragile Ordinary

The Fragile Ordinary The Fragile Ordinary by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Cosmic Stars!

The Fragile Ordinary was a book that offered me a glimpse into my forgotten adolescent years. I'm never one to look back and reflect, but this book had me doing so. And in that, I found a little bit of solace and forgiveness. I was very much like Comet ... I hung out in my room, surrounded by my Harlequin Romance Books. I escaped from life because I didn't have very many true friends and my home life was far from ideal.

It’s not hard to see the parallels from my life to Comet's - it's like Samantha Young wrote this story about me! - and that's just the icing on the cake that drew me in. I can't tell how often my heart broke in two reading Comet's story - whether it be her feelings of invisibility where her parents are concerned or her lack of understanding with her peers - no one likes to feel excluded or isolated.

I was so happy that in the end Comet stuck to who she really was and stood up for herself, whether it be her parents or friends. I was applauding her courage to do - something I never quite was able to do until much later in life. The difference between us though lies in Tobias. I never had an opportunity to find someone like him. He was good for Comet. Yes, he put her through the ringer at times, but it was just what she needed to break out of her self imposed bubble.

On a whole The Fragile Ordinary is anything but ordinary. This is a story about finding your voice and identity, beautiful poetry, and finding one's courage to live & enjoy the beauty of life.
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