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Even Money Even Money by Alessandra Torre
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Final Score - 5 I Need MORE Stars!

Even Money is Book 1 of a new Duet series by Alessandra Torre and my very first book read by this author.  And what a baptism!  This whirlwind romance between a fun loving, live by the seat of your pants cocktail waitress/college student and one of Vegas’ most powerful man, a casino/hotelier/ no nonsense businessman was the perfect foray for me into the writing style of Ms. Torre. 

Dario Capece & Bell Hartley are two flawed and damaged characters.  In a perfect world, it wouldn't make sense for them to be involved with one another, let alone know each other.  Bell has heard of Dario around Vegas (who hasn't?) and knew he was off-limits.  Unapproachable. Not meant to be anything other than an urban legend of sorts.  Dario knows better, as he older, wiser, and knows how the game & rules and how they should be played.  However, upon meeting Bell for the first time, for the first time in his life ... he's thrown out rules.  He's found a woman who makes him possessive and reckless.

They both fall hard and fast, leaving neither with the option of walking away from the other.  Trying to keep their distance and hands off each other proves difficult, especially with all of Vegas watching ... and one particular person who has a personal stake.   Their affair leaves many people unhappy, both family and friends.  Their is danger in them being together, especially when someone will go as far as murder to achieve their goal of total control over Dario.

This story is told in dual POV, between Bell and Dario.  It is effortless and the perfect blend of suspense, romance, danger, intrigue.  The hero is not someone to be messed with, yet neither is our heroine, as she can most definitely hold her own in the male dominated world of Vegas.  The cat & mouse start to their relationship was beautifully written and worth the time it took for slow burn to escalate into them seducing one another.  I love slow burn romances ... makes the final product all the more appetizing!

That shocking ending was brilliant and I'm still reeling from the repercussions it will have in Book 2.  I cannot wait to see what happens next with Dario & Bell, nor can I wait to sink myself into another Alessandra Torre story.  I am now a fan for life!

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