Review: An Imperfect Heart

An Imperfect Heart An Imperfect Heart by Amie Knight
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Imperfect Stars!

When we start the story, Kelly is just your average wanna be rock star, currently touring with her band. However her life is turned upside with news of her impending motherhood. Not really sure what she wants and yo-yo circumstances of life on the road do not make for a happy childhood. However, Kelly decides to embrace her new circumstance, not knowing another blow will rock the very foundation of her new maturity and her chance at being mom.

Anthony is a doctor. He's a marvel in his field of study. But life as a top doctor doesn't mean he has time for much else. There was a time when he was young, carefree and newly exploring a chance at a real relationship. But a cruel twist of fate robbed both him and his partner of exploring it further. And that partner was Kelly.

From the get go, I adored Kelly - her energy, outlook, determination and drive to be the best mom she could be. No matter the cost to her, the price was never too high for her. Afterall, what mother wouldn't risk it all for her baby? Anthony or Doc as he was called, was little slow to warm up to. He seemed a bit of jerk but I soon came around to see the deeper side to man of medicine. Seeing him and Kelly fall in love all over again was beautiful to witness. Not many people get a second chance with "the one".

The realism with the medical drama was difficult at times to read because it could have gone either way and when babies are involved - I'm firmly against ANYTHING happening to them. I just could not accept this devastating turn. I pushed on and preserved and am I ever happy that I did.

I needed a few days to gather my thoughts as this book was not only emotional, but heart-wrenching at times to read. I cannot even fathom experiencing what Kelly had to go through. It's truly a mother's worse nightmare. Leave it to Amie Knight to beautifully capture this tale of second chances both at life and love. An Imperfect Heart is definitely the book that will you (much as did me) with #AllTheFeels.

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