Review: Seducing Kaden

Seducing Kaden Seducing Kaden by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Pulse-pounding Stars!

Kaden met and fell for Dr. Evelina Garcia as a Harvard freshman. The attraction was immediate for them both.  Each in their own tried to ignore their growing feelings the longest time, but passion this strong just couldn't be denied.  Through flashbacks, we get a glimpse into how Eva and Kaden fell in love and then struggled to stay apart.  The danger that surround her married life, how she came to be married, and the extreme risk Evelina put herself in, just to have a taste of true love with Kaden.  I'm not certain I could have done so with the kind of husband she had. 

I don't typically read/review books about cheating as I am firmly against cheating of any kind & in any form, but because of the author and her brand of mixing realism with her story-telling, I had to give book a chance.  And am I ever glad that I did!  This book slowly changed my thought process on on subject.  And while I still have strong feelings about cheating, SEDUCING KADEN is much more than a book about cheating. 

Once again, Siobhan Davis has topped herself with another angst and drama filled Kennedy Boys book with another tumultuous romance, however this one is definitely different from the other books in the series - as there is danger in the form of crazed mob boss husband who will go to any lengths to keep what he considers his.  The stakes are deadly for both Evelina and Kaden in this one, but these two star crossed lovers are willing to risk everything to be free from the danger of her mad man husband and be together.  Get ready folk, because this forbidden love story is gonna set you on fire! 

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